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About Us

Warhawk Manufacturing is a class offered at Arrowhead High School. The class meets for two class periods every day and is instructed by Anthony Christian and Jeff Luetchwager. Together they are leading students, teaching lifelong skills in engineering, manufacturing, and business. These students must learn the in’s and out’s of running a business. Ninety percent of all profits will be split up at the end of the year and given to the students as scholarships.


Warhawk Manufacturing is run out of Arrowhead High School. Students utilize the shop space to create their products. The best way to reach us is through our email. Our pick-up location is on the north side of Arrowhead's North Campus.

Arrowhead High School

800 North Ave, Hartland, WI 53029

Open Hours

Monday - Friday

1 p.m. - 3 p.m.